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By:  Sheri Blaho

We have such a great group of clients.  That was proven once again yesterday during a discussion with Sandy Harris at MTM Recognition of Oklahoma City.  MTM provides recognition programs and awards for business and organizations across the US.  They recently added the OKC Thunder to their very impressive list of clients.

I was interviewing Sandy about the use of the current Sage Abra installation in the various areas of their HR and Payroll operation.  She shared a unique feature in their PTO plan.  Each year you  go without an injury that is under a day off, you get one PTO day added to your bank.  If you make it two consecutive years you get two days and the same for three.  You can continue to have an additional three days PTO ad infinitum as long as you are accident free.  The PTO bonus days start back at one if you have an injury that keeps you out for a full day.

They have found that employees return to work the day after an injury much more frequently -- keeping absenteeism down.   And more importantly, they have fewer accidents to begin with!

Check out the MTM Recognition website.  They are a really interesting firm that could help your organization with employee recognition programs.  We are so glad to have them as a CS3 client.  

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