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Missing Buttons in Sage HRMS
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Over the past HRMS implementations we have done, we have noticed a few with an issue, either some buttons missing or buttons out of place on screens inside of the HRMS system. Also this can happen once HRMS is installed and you later change the display settings below to create the issue. Examples of buttons on a screen are: line1 OR line2 OR line3We have found at least 2 potential fixes if you encounter the missing button issue. First, check your display setting (as shown below) and make sure it is set to 100%. You will have to reboot after changing this setting. Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display line4Next check your screen resolution setting and make sure it is set to the recommended setting. “Recommended” will be seen next to that setting in the drop down. Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display\Screen Resolution\ line5So, if you encounter an issue as above, hopefully one of these fixes works for you.





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