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MGMA Tulsa Chapter Monthly Meeting
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by: Scott Kroh



The topic for the Eastern Oklahoma MGMA September Luncheon was a roundtable discussion format about healthcare.  Topics of discussion included:

      What does the MGMA mean to you and your organization? 

      Improving the Patient and Family Experience and what in regards to this keeps you up at night? 

      How has and will the Affordable Care Act affect your practices?


This last question referred to above, at least at my table, was the focus of the majority of the discussion.  The information that was shared gave great insight to what is actually happening now in healthcare organizations as the Affordable Care Act is implemented.    For example, the Relative Value Unit   is driving much of the internal discussions with healthcare providers and determining what their organizations will look like today and going forward.  It has already influenced things like the composition of their medical staffs, how doctors will be compensated, what services facilities will handle and what does a visit to the doctor look like today compared with the past.


One of the other components of the Affordable Care Act is how surveys will have an impact of the financial success or failure of healthcare providers. An analyst at our table said most of the younger providers have already embraced this and are actually “driven” by this component of the Affordable Care Act.


For more information on the MGMA please visit  their website.  And to register  for an upcoming webinar outlining the Cost-Centric Key Performance Indicators for a Medical Practice please register at Stat-Connect home page.  

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