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MGMA National Conference - Day Two
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By: Sheri Blaho


My feet are killing me, but this has been well worth the investment.  I have talked with so many of you at this great medical management conference that are using a variety of different Practice Management Software solutions.  The front runners appear to be, based on my informal poll:



    GE Centricity



I hear about these other players in the industry, but have not found anyone at this event that is using them:




    Advanced MD


Everyone is really excited about a Financial System that can connect with the Practice Management software that INCLUDES then necessary reporting specific to the healthcare industry.  The Practice Management tools all just ROCK when it comes to providing revenue measurement.  But everyone is now looking for more: full financial reporting that meshes revenue and expense reporting into management dashboards.


So glad we became members of MGMA.  What a first class organization and first class event.


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