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MGMA January 2016: Revenue Cycle Key Indicators
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by: Scott Kroh

The topic at this month’s meeting of the Eastern Oklahoma MGMA was Revenue Cycle Key Indicators. The presenter Charlotte Stith is the Administrator for Oklahoma Spine and Brain Institute located in Tulsa, OK. Ms. Stith has a Bachelor’s of Liberal Studies from the University of Oklahoma and a Masters in Healthcare Administration from Oklahoma State University. She spent the first 22 years of her career with St. Johns Health System followed by serving as the Executive Director for South Crest Medical Group and then the Chief Operating Officer for Utica Park Clinic before moving to current position.

She focused her discussion on
(1) What numbers need to be measured?,
(2) How to calculate these numbers for comparisons?,
(3) How to calculate days in AR?,
(4) Guidelines for AR bin percentages by focusing on > 120 days,
(5) Difference between gross and net collections and
(6) Denial rate management.

Please go to their website for more about calendar of events and membership opportunities with the MGMA.

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