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May TYPros Meeting: Arts & Entertainment
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by: Christina Crouch

I went to the May meeting of the Arts & Entertainment Crew of the Tulsa's Young Professionals organization. Each crew concentrates on a different aspect of Tulsa's development, all working together to make the city a more attractive destination for young professionals. This crew, in particular, is working to promote Tulsa's creative life with events, awareness, and education. 

The A&E crew alone has a calendar full of great events going on through the rest of the year, from recruiting local talent to provide music at Food Truck Wednesdays (every Wednesday at the Guthrie Green!), to an Entrepreneur-themed Progressive Dinner featuring great spots around Tulsa and even better speakers for each stop. 

After jumping in to some TYPros events recently, I've been really impressed with all they have done in the past 10 years for Tulsa. Downtown, especially, has grown a lot. The Pearl District was revived by TYPros Street Cred program, which is focused on 61st and Peoria this year. This says good things for Tulsa's economy in the coming years, I think... Especially in the area of attracting and retaining great young professional talent.

Make sure you check out the Tulsa's Young Professionals calendar for some great professional and social events... And support some more local small businesses to keep Tulsa growing!

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