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May AMA Field Trip: Retrospec Films
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by: Christina Crouch

This month's AMA luncheon was a field trip to Retrospec Films. I got a really interesting tour of their facilities, and lunch was catered by the Mr. Nice Guys food truck. (If you have not tracked down a few food trucks in Tulsa yet, I highly recommend it.) The owner of the film and video production company, Jason Burks, spoke about branding, and a lot of what he said really resonated with me. 

Branding is about personality, even for B2B companies. Jason made a great point about the fact that the person behind that B2B transaction is still a person with their own personality. Just because many people appear to turn that off between the hours of 8 and 5 doesn't mean they don't like to laugh, or be swept up in a really great story. In general, corporate marketing gets boring. And the personality of Retrospec Films was certainly seen everywhere in the building, making a great atmosphere. 

One of the things I think CS3 does really well is letting the individual personalities of the employees show through. After all, I spend the most time with company social media, promoting different achievements and events that happen at the office and with the remote employees. The mail pieces I send out tend to be quirky and different. All employees also contribute to content generation, with blogs, videos, and white papers. I think it is important for the marketing department of any company to not lose sight of the great personalities that make a company. 

"Branding" has really been a buzzword lately, and sometimes it can become too manufactured. Jason felt really passionate about being able to find the right story to tell, as well. I think as people get increasingly tired of corporate, stiff, "manufactured," marketing, it will all be about the storytelling. The surge of content marketing in the past few years has already started that trend. Retrospec Films is certainly fantastic at it! We all got to witness that first hand as we saw some of the finished videos they had been working on. 

Make sure you check out the AMA website for upcoming luncheons and more great speakers. 

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