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May's "Make the Customer Look Good" 18 Essential Behavior Winner
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DeWayne Goodman with Love Bottling (applause, applause, applause, applause) Here is what was submitted with DeWayne’s nomination: We’ve all met the manager that takes credit for successes and passes the buck on the failures. DeWayne Goodman is NOT that guy . Love Bottling went through an implementation of Sage HRMS, including payroll, this past year. Shortly after implementation began, DeWayne was on vacation and had to have emergency back surgery, keeping him away from the project for quite a while. His team continued on to successfully complete the project, with only a few minor hiccups, and Love Bottling has a great new HR/payroll system to show for it. As part of our project, we conduct a closing meeting to discuss the process, any trailing tasks, the successes, etc. During this meeting, although DeWayne was the designated project manager and point person, he made it VERY clear that this project was a success due to his project team members, passing all the credit on to them, and taking none for himself. He was diplomatic, praised the team, and displayed the attributes of a great manager. Although in this case it was an “internal” customer, DeWayne definitely made the customer look good! Congratulations, DeWayne. You deserve it. Don't forget to make your nominations for June's Behavior "Take Administrative Tasks Seriously". To make your nomination, simply go to our nomination page.

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