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March Meeting of Tulsa MGMA
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By:  Scott Kroh

The speaker for the March 2015 meeting of the Tulsa Chapter of the MGMA was Christine Kalish the President and CEO of the Brittain-Kalish Group, LLC. Ms. Kalish is an accomplished healthcare executive with 25 years’ experience in ambulatory care and academic medicine in senior leadership positions and as an executive consultant. Her topic for the presentation was the “Revenue Cycle for Healthcare and How to Manage?”

The discussion explored four areas of concern which included; ways to engage all staff in understanding their role in the revenue cycle, how to motivate and engage staff to improve processes and track metrics, how to automate portions of the revenue cycle such as the collection process and how healthcare reform will affect reimbursement for the practitioner.

Recommendations for engaging staff members included creating a sense of urgency about collecting revenue, creating a guiding team on revenue cycle, empowering staff to act and remove barriers to collecting revenue, creating a new culture that emphasizes the importance of the revenue cycle.

She also shared a group of (KPIs) Key Performance Indicators that should be tracked which included Clean Registration, Hold Times, Call Abandonment Rates, Time of Service Collection, Prior Authorization, Days to Third Next Available Appointment, Charge Lag, Denials and Rejections, Net Collection Rate, Days in Accounts Receivable, Percentage of Accounts Receivable > 90, Front End Billing Cost and Back End Billing Cost.

Another recommendation was to make it easier to do business with your medical practice. Things like E-mail reminders for preventative and follow up care. The ability to book, change or cancel appointments on-line. Provide more flexibility in interactions with patients by proving on-line or phone engagements for things like prescription refills. Today patients are more like consumers and will partly base their decisions on how easy is it to work with you?

Additionally, she shared that it is important to improve the patient financial experience for the staff and the patient. This includes teaching the payment process, complete staff training that includes a specific review of patient bills, being open about payment concerns, discussing trends within the clinic and the industry as a whole, creating an environment of expectation with patients that payment will be handled at the time of service, and always making sure to provide recognition and incentives for staff.

Visit here for more information on the Tulsa Chapter of the MGMA.

You can also find out more about the Brittain-Kalish Group, LLC here.

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