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Locked my keys in the car!
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By:  Sheri Blaho


What a morning.  I got up early to get to work ahead of schedule.  I wanted to be thoroughly prepared for a big presentation.    I stopped by the convenience store for a  drink and a breakfast bar.  Of course, I locked my keys in my car....along with my cell phone.  I stood in front of the store in a quandary.  I have no idea what my husband's cell phone number is, so I could not call him.  I watched the customers come and go working up my nerve to ask someone for a ride to my house so I could retrieve my spare key. 


Finally, a lady was headed into the store that looked approachable.  I explained my dilemma, but she very nicely declined as she is a teacher and was running late.  My house is only one mile away, so I decided I would just walk and told her my plan.  Off I went.  About three blocks into my journey, a sprinkler system kicked in and soaked my pants.


One just has to laugh, which is what I did.  Just about that time, a car pulled up beside me.  It was the teacher I had originally approached.  She said she just felt it was important to help me out.  She was excited that she would get to be my "angel" for the day!  What a good investment in her karma!


So, you ask:  "What does this have to do with software?"

Answer: "Absolutely nothing!"


Oh wait, as the VP of Sales and Marketing, all my blogs need to have some relevance to business.  So here goes.


Anyone who is looking for ERP or HRMS software, I can be your angel.  With Sage 100 as the leading ERP on-premises solution, Acumatica as the leading ERP  cloud solution and Sage HRMS for all your HR/Payroll needs, I have you covered.  I may not have my car keys, but I have the keys to unlock the solution to all your business needs.


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