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Although my name is ‘Queen of Fun’, I sometimes feel like just writing a monthly article isn’t all that much fun so our marketing team has been kicking around some ideas to liven things up a bit. Almost everyone’s way of learning or researching something has changed dramatically over the last decade. We all know YouTube is a huge success; people love to see themselves doing crazy things. CS3 Technology is embracing the video concept with gusto. I wanted to share our ideas with my royal subjects, uh, I mean loyal readers.  One of the first things we will begin rolling out over the next couple months is a “Did you know” section on our website where there will be video clips of various tasks / processes that can be done in Sage Abra HRMS as well as Sage MAS. These will be short, fun (and sometimes quite funny) snippets with an actual demo showing you HOW to create a quick query in Abra for example, or maybe how to use the find capabilities in MAS more effectively. We will create a library of these so you can go to the website and watch and learn anytime you would like. I encourage you to email me with some ideas of something you’d like to see and we will see about making that happen.  Next, we will be asking our clients to be part of our website by creating video testimonials about the products they use, their relationship with CS3, and/or the efficiencies they’ve gained by implementing some new or enhanced solution. This not only gives you an opportunity to market your organization a bit and share your customer experience, but will make US feel really good about all the great things you will say about us! Our next idea comes from the fact that although many of you have heard the name of CS3 Technology’s President, Gary Crouch, not all of you have met him and had an opportunity to get to know him. We are introducing a “Message from the President” video series where Gary will have a few minutes to share his thoughts and introduce you more intimately to CS3, or he may just talk about whatever it is he wants to because after all, he is the boss. The marketing team is planning on having a bit of extra fun with this one, so stay tuned. Lastly, we will introduce our “18 Essential Behaviors” video program. We are still working on the details for this; however, within CS3 Technology, we subscribe to very specific behaviors that we believe make us the great business partner that we are. Things like ‘Be authentic’, ‘Communicate’, ‘Show up ready to work’, ‘Protect your integrity’, and ‘Spend money as if it were your own’ are at the heart of each of us at CS3, and I know they are part of our clients culture as well. One behavior will be introduced each month or two and one of our clients that exhibits that particular behavior will be the recipient of not only the recognition, but probably some free stuff as well. Who doesn’t like free stuff? So there you have it. Stay on your toes and be prepared at all times. You never know when one of us CS3 folks just might show up on your doorstep, video camera in hand, and ask you to star in our show.  Christine Luttrell Sr. Sales Consultant and Queen of Fun 2011 Texas State Council District 1 Director

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