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Life on Acumatica: Migrating to New Software
Published on by Terry Johnson in Blog Posts, CS3 Technology


I started working for CS3 Technology over 5 years ago. My work history before then was as an accountant/office administrator for several CPA firms. We used top of the line accounting and tax software that was very flexible and user-friendly. When I started working for CS3 I found myself being disappointed by the software we were using. It was constantly a thorn in my side and caused much frustration on my part. Each part of the accounting system was a separate module, i.e. A/P, A/R, Cash Management, and G/L. They worked together yet separately.

For example, a miscellaneous debit or credit memo from the bank entered as a journal entry would affect cash in the general ledger, but would not show up in the Cash Management Module when doing bank reconciliations. The correct way would be to enter in the Cash Management Module.

When our company decided to install different accounting software I was a little hesitant. I was concerned with what this software could do. Would it be an improvement? How long would the migration take? You see, I also work with my husband who is a CPA, and getting ready to go into tax season takes up a lot of my personal time.

However, I should not have been concerned since I work with a company that does software migrations all the time.

CS3 Technology decided to use Acumatica software, one of the several new products we added to our product line. We always like to use the software that we sell to our customers. It allows us to work out problems and learn all of its capabilities. Before we started our software migration I was allowed to try out the software. When I learned that Acumatica was web-based software I was overjoyed. This allows me to work from home as needed which I could not do before. I was won over already.

Over the next few months, I will go over more items that are different from our old software. I will show you some tips that will make work either easier and quicker. Hopefully, these articles will encourage you to check out Acumatica, or if you are now using Acumatica, will assist you. There is so much that makes Acumatica exciting to work in for me, and hopefully for you too.

So please join me here for Article # 2, Life on Acumatica.

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