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Launch error after migration from Sage Abra Suite HR (Fox Pro) to Sage HRMS (SQL)
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So, you’ve decided to bite the bullet and upgrade from Fox Pro to SQL. With CS3’s assistance, you’ve installed Sage HRMS on the server and run the Upsize Wizard. Your next step is installing the Sage HRMS Client so you can start training and navigating this wonderful new version.


Unfortunately, once the Client install is complete and you launch it, you get this error:




What does it mean and how do you fix it? There were products available with your Abra Suite that the SQL version tries to place on your Quick Launch toolbar. These no longer exist so you will get these errors trying to launch Sage HRMS. To find and remove them, open up SQL Management Studio, click on the New Query button and type in the following query (or copy and paste from here):


Select * from SageHRMS_Live.dbo.sbarcust where s_app not in (select s_app from SageHRMS_Sample.dbo.sbarcust)


This query will return the rows that do not exist in the HRMS Sample company.




You can then modify this query slightly and remove those items:

Delete SageHRMS_Live.dbo.sbarcust where s_app not in

(select s_app from SageHRMS_Sample.dbo.sbarcust)

Unless you modify your Abra Quick Launch toolbar, you will need to perform these steps each time you rerun the Upsize Wizard.

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