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Keeping it in the Family - Long time customer
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By: Sheri Blaho

What a great day we have had.  We seldom get to go onsite these days with our clients.  With all our great technology, we are fully equipped to handle   most support and demonstrate new offering via web tools.

However, Brandi Clymer and I took some time to pop over to Arkansas (2 hour drive) to be onsite with Central Arkansas Nursing Centers.  They became a CS3 client over 17 years ago!  They started off with Platinum for ERP and Sage Abra.  Several  years ago, with the retirement of PFW they moved to Sage 100 ERP.  Today they are wanting to look at the new Sage HRMS system to replace Abra.

What was really amazing, is the longevity of the staff at Central Arkansas Nursing Centers (CANC).  The entire team that originally implement Abra is still on staff!  What a great employer CANC obviously is.

We LOVE these types of customers.  They have ALSO made a long term commitment to us as their business partner.  For CANC, they have a partner that has a deep understanding of their business processes, where they have been and where they are headed.  That relationship allows CANC to leverage the knowledge and consulting skills of the CS3 staff to help them with their operations. 

As Thanksgiving approaches, CS3 is very thankful for great customers like CANC.  What a powerful team and just an all-round great group of people. 

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