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Job Hunting and Social Media
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I remember “back in the day” when you bought the Sunday newspaper and you looked through the classifieds for companies that were hiring. You got in your car and drove to their business address and filled out a paper application. Then, you waited for a phone call to get an interview. Well time, technology and social media have changed that whole process. Most everything is done online now, even web interviews! Employers are increasingly turning to social media to check prospective employee’s profiles and to see if they are a fit for their company. It is essential that any information you put on your social networking site is clean and projects a clean image. LinkedIn-Many companies view LinkedIn as the social media tool for job seekers. It is where they go when they have a job to fill. By staying active on LinkedIn, you can build a far reaching network. Join groups and try to connect with a few new people each day. Twitter-A good place to chat with folks, get tips from other job seekers and professionals and share ideas. Plus, you are constantly expanding your network. Facebook-Set your privacy settings correctly, highlight your work experience and education and start networking. It’s not just for your kids anymore. SimpyHired-This website can integrate with LinkedIn and Facebook. You can find out which of your connections are currently employed at the hiring company along with those who have previously worked there. You can then connect with them and get the scoop on the company and or job you are applying for. Online real time job chats-Participate in the chats. Twitter has a chat group call #careerchat. You can find information about firms that are hiring and network with recruiters and other job seekers. Being active in social media, especially for the “older worker” can also waylay concerns that you may not be up to date on current technology and that you are capable of keeping up with the changing times. Be sure to have a professional email account for the employers to email you back at. Do you really think anyone is going to take you seriously if your email is

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