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January MGMA Tulsa Chapter Meeting
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  1. By: Scott Kroh

    The guest speaker for the January 2015 meeting of the MGMA Tulsa Chapter was Lori Dreiling the owner of Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa. She shared the importance of physical fitness programs and how it will improve quality of life.  Healthy employees will be productive employees.

     Here are some of the points covered in her presentation on working out.
         Just get started – Regardless of your fitness level, go ahead and take that first step  
    1.      Plan Workouts – Schedule working out and keep it on your calendar for accountability and measurement
           Get the Right Gear – She stressed that the right shoes and clothing will up you achieve your fitness goals and avoid injury
           It’s Good for You – You will have more energy, reduce stress and gain health benefits through regular workouts
           Great Results – She shared several success stories of clients and employees that have lost 50, 75 and even 100 though physical fitness  

      Here is to great health in 2015 and lets all plan our workouts and workout our plans for a better life! 

      Please go to http://www.okmgma.com/about-us/eastern-chapter/ for more information on the Tulsa Chapter of the MGMA.





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