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January Employee of the Month - Jim Scheithauer
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Jim Scheithauer is being recognized as employee of the month for exemplifying one of our 18 Service Pillars: Focus on Delivering Value - Everything you do for a client should provide a return on their investment. Just because you CAN do something, does not mean that you SHOULD. End-of-year demands can be a stressful time for the our Sage HRMS Payroll software clients. Jim helped a client resolve an issue so completely that they want to expand the services they take from CS3. After working with Jim they realized the value he brought to them with a quick and accurate solution to their problem. They have decided that an Annual SERV Access Plan will result in a quick return on their investment. Congratulations Jim! Thanks for taking such good care of our clients. Jim is celebrating his 10th year as a software consultant on the staff of CS3 Technology. He supports our Sage HRMS and Sage Abra Suite products. Jim brings years of experience as a consultant, along with a Masters in Business Administration.

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