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January Employee of the Month - Brandon Cumby
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By:  Sheri Blaho

Brandon Cumby, Application Consultant for CS3's ERP solutions, has been selected as the employee of the month for January 2015. Brandon developed an on-demand webinar providing valuable information for all CS3's ERP and accounting software clients.

Our 18 Service Pillars set a high standard for the measurement of quality work at CS3. Brandon exemplified two of these pillars during the development of his Inventory Management webinar. Service Pillar #4, Engage in Knowledge Transfer, states that clients should have sufficient skills for day-to-day activities and that knowledge transfer uses several methods of delivery. Documenting the fundamentals of inventory management in an on-demand video allows our clients to review and access this important information at a time that is convenient for them.

Our Service Pillar Number 14, Look for Improvements, defines the goal of providing guidance to help clients improve their business processes. Brandon invested a large amount of time documenting his knowledge and augmenting his knowledge with research about managing inventory most effectively. Based on his experience, he feels this is an area most every client can improve upon. With the application of even one of Brandon's suggestions in this video, our clients can realize significant improvement to their bottom line and customer satisfaction..

Brandon’s video, The Importance of Inventory Management, can be found here:

Congratulations Brandon for going a step above to deliver a quality video that will help all our clients.

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