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January's "Demonstrate Success" 18 Essential Behavior Winner
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Congratulations to Anthony Arington, Citizen Potawatomi Nation
(applause, applause, applause, applause) Here is what was submitted with Anthony's nomination: While Anthony does not usually interface with the organization's customers, he treats his co-workers as his customers. Anthony has a desire to affect the success of his employer. His way of ensuring this happens is to help each employee he works with to be successful in their job. To Anthony, this means that they have the right tools to work with and that they truly understand how to use these tools. During one phase of the implementation project Anthony was tasked with training over 75 supervisors and their assistants in the use of a new purchasing approval process. This was a function which was being moved from paper to an online process. As Anthony trained the users in smaller groups, Anthony made improvements in each subsequent training class. Additionally, many times Anthony would spend individual time with a co-worker who had specific questions or suggestions about the new system. Each suggestion was noted and taken back to the software publisher for improvement needed in the system. Each time, Anthony went back to the user and let them know how their suggestions would be handled. I believe Anthony Arington "Demonstrates Success". Way to go, Anthony. Your artwork is on the way. Keep up the good work. Remeber get your nominations in for the 4th behavior - "Make the Customer Feel Good"

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