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It is not too late for an HR resolution - Welcome to February
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We’ve all made resolutions more times than we can count, some personal, some professional, and if you are like me, rarely follow through except for maybe one or two of them. While recently reading the latest edition of the Dallas Business Journal, l ran across an article on New Year’s resolutions for companies and thought it was worth sharing, at least in the cliff notes version. Some North Texas folks have come up with a great list of more pragmatic “New Year’s suggestions” designed to help your business grow and to stay out of legal trouble too boot. 1. Get ready for health care changes – Under the Affordable Care Act, small to mid-size businesses will need to face the “play or pay” decision which takes effect Jan. 1, 2014 and requires employers with 50 or more employees to provide “minimum essential” health coverage to full time employees or pay a non-deductible annual penalty of $2000 a year per employee. 2.Get a handle on Social Media and new technology – Resolve to develop a social media policy, clarify and communicate ownership of company property and protect your intellectual property. Issuing smartphones, tablets and highly portable technology has blurred the lines of when an employee is “at work”, possibly requiring OT to be paid. It also needs to be clear who is entitled to and owns the data on the devices and tablets, especially if the employee leaves. What employees say on Facebook is a whole other issue! 3.Beef up security – Our world can be a scary place and disgruntled employees can be a threat. Employers need to create strategies to deal with violence, how to report concerns about employee behavior, and how to identify people prone to violent behavior. Data loss prevention falls in to the security category as well. 4.Stay politically active – The best way to stay out of trouble is to stay in the loop. Keep an eye on what’s going on in Washington. Business leaders need to press elected representatives to find middle ground on tough issues instead of postponing difficult decisions. Everyone won’t be happy with the results, but business leaders will know the rules by which they must operate. Even if you do just one of these, you will probably be doing one more than most. Let’s stick to our resolutions together – we’ll be glad we did.

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