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Inventory Management - CS3's On Demand Video
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 By: Sheri Blaho

I just finished watching a great webinar by Brandon Cumby of the CS3 ERP installation team.  Brandon does a great job of going "back to the basics" before introducing the value of advanced analytics.

He emphasizes that an inventory system is not a piece of software.  An inventory system includes:  
      1. software system that embraces currently technology  
      2. documented business processes for acquiring, tracking, and shipping inventory  
      3. calendar of events that define audit points and routine physical inventory counts  
      4. establishment of standards for key metrics such as inventory turns and vendor performance  
      5. documented process for evaluation of actual metrics to standards and process for required change

Yes, you have to have ERP software.  But you must have standards and business processes in place as well or the software will accomplish nothing more than a group of spreadsheets and a printer.

Grab a drink and a healthy snack, sit back, and hear what a CS3 specialist has to say about "The Importance of Inventory Management."

Brandon is an implementation and support specialist for Sage 100 ERP and Acumatica. 

(877) 496-1600

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