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I just returned from the annual Intacct Advantage conference. This year's event was spectacular with almost 1,000 attendees. They had sessions that were focused for clients and for business partners (like CS3). Intacct has very strong functionality and tools for Professional Service firms and Non-For-Profit entities. For that reason, there were many sessions that focused on these two industries. They also have over-the-top features for multi-company entities. Inter-company processing and reporting is just amazing with this software. The executive team at Intacct presented and participated in many sessions making themselves available to all the attendees. Since Intacct sells only one product, unlike many publishers in the software industry, they are wholly committed to product improvement. Additionally, since Intacct developed their ERP software, rather than acquiring software, they are fully committed to their "baby". It is refreshing to work with a product that is on the leading edge of technology and embraces product development. Check out the links on our home page to various Intacct Product overviews. If you are looking for a true cloud solution, this just might be the one for you.

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