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Implementing Acumatica Part 5 - Wow! This is Stressful.
Published on by Sheri Blaho in Blog Posts, CS3 Technology


I probably should have made this my first blog. But like all clients, we went into this project hopeful about what the end result will yield. As we have progressed through the implementation, the reality of the extra load of work on top of our already busy schedules hits us. Plus, everyone has a vision of what success looks like for their department. Those visions sometimes conflict. We have had some very highly charged conversations about the correct way to do things. Who would think that an accounting process could stir up such emotion? But, when you have a committed staff that is working on a project with a large dollar investment this will occur.

It is important to document current processes that are complex, all the associated exceptions, and the considerations for implementation. Then the conversation can be guided with more facts and less emotion.

Remember, the struggle for quality during the implementation will yield a better solution at go-live day!

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