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Implementing Acumatica Part 2: Accounting Modules
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The implementation of our accounting modules is complete. Well, at least all the functions that we had in our old system have been addressed with this part of our implementation. We are still going to implement Credit Card Management and ACH for accounts payable. As VP of Sales and Marketing, this part of our implementation has the least impact on me and my team. However, the ground work was laid for some future modules that will benefit my team.

We created a new product and services coding scheme that is much simpler. This went in place with accounts receivable and will be leveraged with Sales Order and Sales Opportunities. We want to streamline the process from “opportunity to invoice.” Today sales work in a different product than accounting, so a fully integrated solution should reduce many duplicate data entry points. This new coding scheme looked at both the reporting requirements for accounting and for sales.

Sales also helped with the reconciliation of the customer master conversion. Again, we were maintaining two separate customer masters between our accounting and CRM products. This will be fully resolved when executing the final implementation of Acumatica CRM.

I have just begun using Acumatica in my daily routine. The benefits to me so far:

  1. I get notified when an invoice from any of my sales or marketing vendors hits my budget. I get to review and approve the bill online before it hits the books.
  2. I have access to a dashboard that shows graphically what is happening with accounts receivable.
  3. There is a lookup feature that is “A – MAZE – ING”! I can look for a partial word, full word or phrase. Acumatica then scans across all the data (including notes and attachments), not just a single data element, to find the information for me.

So far….. thumbs up on this decision.

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