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Implementing Acumatica – CS3 Adopts new ERP Solution
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CS3 began the implementation of Acumatica as our internal ERP solution this year. We decided to do a phased implementation at a slow pace that accommodated other initiatives that we were also working on. The plan was and still is to go in this order:

  1. General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Cash Management – Impacting the accounting team
  2. Sales Order – Impacting the accounting, sales and consulting teams
  3. Purchase Order – Impacting the accounting, sales and purchasing teams
  4. Contract Management and Deferred Revenue – Impacting the accounting and sales team
  5. Case Management (part of CRM handling service and support tickets) – Impacting the consulting and accounting teams
  6. Opportunity and Sales Management with Marketing (remainder of CRM) – Impacting sales and consulting teams.

Accounting has completed the first phase. I plan to give you updates for the remainder of the year on how the implementation is going, sharing some insights of the product and process.

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