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IMA Tulsa Chapter Meeting - Accountants Look Here
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By: Scott Kroh

This week at the monthly meeting of the IMA Tulsa Chapter Institute of Management Accountants the guest speaker was Dr. Gavin Manes who spoke about Devices, the Cloud and E-Discovery.  Dr. Gavin Manes is a nationally recognized expert in e-discovery and digital forensics. He is the CEO of AVANSIC, a firm that provides the legal, business, and government sectors with e-discovery, digital forensics, data preservation, and online review services.


Most of the discussion focused around where the data on your mobile device, laptop or tablet actually resides in today’s environment of the cloud and that more thought needs to be put into why and how you use such devices.


One topic of the presentation was iPad/Tablet security.  Most users don’t use strong security features, can’t encrypt all the data and getting data off of a lost iPad is fairly easy.  In fact, there are even YouTube videos describing the process of how to get data off of an iPad and software is available for data retrieval that can bypass passwords.


In regards to smart phones, he pointed out that mobile data is not only on the device but also resides in the “cloud”.  Another trend in regards to smart phones he mentioned was the practice of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).  This is when an employee purchases a phone, uses personally, uses professionally and receives a reimbursement for a portion of the cost from their employer.  He recommends businesses providing smart phones to employees for business use and not practicing BYOD for many reasons.  Some of which include the co-mingling of business and personal data, issues with any future litigation related to a device owned by an employee and no consistency in hardware and operating systems for smart phones.


For more information go to AVANSICor  Tulsa IMA website.


I would like to take you as my guest to the next IMA meeting.  I will buy lunch for the first person that responds to this blog!

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