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IMA Meeting - October 2015
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by: Scott Kroh


This month’s meeting of the Tulsa Chapter of the IMA focused on workplace culture and performance appraisal effectiveness. The speaker who covered this topic was Dr. Karen Cravens who is the Chapman Professor of Accounting and Director of the School of Accounting and Management Information Systems at the University of Tulsa. Dr. Cravens holds a PhD in accounting from Texas A&M University, an MBA from Texas Christian University (GO FROGS!), and a BA from Vanderbilt University and is both a licensed CPA and CMA.

Dr. Cravens reviewed one of her studies on this topic titled “A Positive Work Environment Enhances Performance Evaluation Effectiveness: An Exploratory Study in a Retail Setting”. The study surveyed over 1,700 employees from a national retailer emphasizing the importance of workplace culture in the performance appraisal process.

One of the questions explored in the study was why some performance evaluations don’t work? Reasons included a work place environment that was adversarial, time consuming evaluations, communication is generally one-sided or too often focuses on correcting behavior rather than identifying opportunities.

She also discussed what she termed as the “Matter Factor”. That is if the culture of an organization does not show employees that they matter, then performance evaluations will be seen as meaningless and therefore ineffective.

For more information on the IMA and opportunities to hear great speakers like Dr. Cravens please visit their website here.

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