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IMA August Meeting: Leadership Change
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by: Sheri Blaho

Jason Struthers of the Crosby Group is the CEO for this Tulsa based firm. They manufacture shackles for rigging and lifting. As in most industries there are always those unusual applications of a product. They have a significant number of clients in the oil industry and manufacturing. However, their most unique application was for the tight wire for the Flying Wallendas. The Flying Wallendas say “Use Crosby when your life depends on it.”

Struthers shared the transition his firm has gone through as they prepared for the ultimate retirement of many leadership positions. They addressed how to achieve change and still respect the culture of the firm. They used a formal vision development and gold deployment process.

Several times during his presentation he commented on the outstanding service they provide to their client. They truly have Raving Fans as I discussed in my blog yesterday. However, they did not really have a quality refinement process. They were not good at collecting services issues and funneling that information back to production.

During their revamp of many business processes this is one area they focused on. As always data is king. Having accurate, timely data is just crucial.

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