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i2e Innovation Entrepreneurship Event
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by: Christina Crouch

I attended the i2e Innovation Entrepreneurship night and listened to the presentations from several startup teams. There are some really great ideas coming out of Tulsa right now. Tulsa is actually now listed as one of only three US cities on the Top Ten list of cities hosting a Startup Weekend event annually. 

The keynote speaker was John Reale with Arete Ventures. He spoke about marketing and meeting needs. Your marketing efforts will go farther if you are marketing a business model that meets a need, because the business needs a “why.” A company probably won't last too long with the mentality of, "If you build it, they will come." He said that customers don't necessarily buy the product, they buy the company, because the company shows up to fix problems.

If you spend more time on your customers and create an experience around what you’re doing, you will meet more needs. John’s keynote speech reminded me of our SERV plan, and how it became part of CS3’s business model. Our team spoke with customers about their needs. The customers valued communication with our consultants, so we added to our business model to meet that need.

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