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I got in the wrong car! But no longer with Acumatica.
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By: Sheri Blaho

I typically stop by the convenience store each morning, grab some fruit for breakfast and my huge cup of green tea for the day.  This morning, after I paid and left the store, I pressed the unlock button on my key fob  and opened the door to my SUV.   Much to my surprise the inside of my car appeared a bit different with a strange backpack in the front seat.

Well, I had opened the door to someone else's black SUV that they had apparently left unlocked.  It was a completely different make and model.  But it took me a while to reconcile in my brain that this was in fact a different car.  It was actually a more expensive model than mine!  Glad I saved myself a few bucks!

I think that all the ERP software on the market yields a similar experience.  How different can you REALLY make a general ledger, accounts payable, or inventory module in on product versus another.  With years in the software industry I have found there is not all that much different in one product from another.

That is until we included Acumatica in product offering.  There is a HUGE difference in both the look and feel with the old Windows based applications and the Browser Based Acumatica Product.  The product in general is much more intuitive.  The graphical presentation of data yields a great end user experience.  The transfer of knowledge between Acumatica and all your other web based tools makes it much easier to learn the product.

No, Acumatica is not just another black SUV that looks like all the others.  It is a Ferrari that has silver racing stripes.   You really need to check out the on demand video here on the home page of our website.  It is an amazing product. 

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