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HRSouthwest Conference
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by:Chris Luttrell


October is a big month for the HR community in this part of the country. The annual HRSouthwest Conference was held in Fort Worth, Texas a couple weeks ago and as usual, drew a large crowd of HR professionals that are anxious to learn, network, and talk to vendors and partners about the latest and greatest that will make their jobs easier and more efficient.

CS3 Technology was an exhibitor again this year as well as a sponsor for the conference. This gives our team an opportunity to visit with some of the brightest folks in the industry and have a ton of fun doing it. We once again let the attendees take the CS3 pledge for a chance to win some real cash. Although we have done this for many years, it never gets old…the visitors to our booth LOVE it. Tina Crouch, our Content and Social Marketing Coordinator videoed, tweeted and posted some of the escapades for all to enjoy.

Although watching the engagement of our peers is great, the best part of attending this conference is when someone comes to our booth that has a true need for what we can do for them. There is nothing like listening to a frustrated HR Manager expound on the trials and tribulations they go through to manage their resources and knowing we have not only a product or solution that will greatly improve their situation, but expertise in CS3 that will educate and enhance their organization. They will come away with improved business processes, an integrated product set, cost savings, and a big ole smile in knowing CS3 Technology did what we pledged to do…CS3 Technology creates order from chaos with software, strategy and skills!


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