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How to use Alternate Items in Sage 100
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By: Sheri Blaho


Sage 100 has a "baked in" feature that is a hidden jewel.  You can take any standard inventory item and associate other items with it. 


So, if  you want so show items that are true substitutes, you simply connect them via a link screen.   Then during sales order processing, if you are out of stock on the requested product, all "linked" products will pop up allowing the order entry person to describe all the alternatives to the customer.


I have also seen this applied as a "would you like fries with that" tool - suggestive selling.  You can associate items that would be good to "go with" the primary item they have purchased, like a carrying case for the camera.


It is worth taking 3 or 4 minutes to watch this video    and see how it works.  This is a feature that will absolutely increase sales and improve customer satisfaction

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