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How to Run a Meeting – Some Simple Rules
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By Scott Kroh

Recently, I was at a client site for a meeting to discuss a project and start discovery for a software implementation. When entering the conference room, I noticed a sign on the wall of the conference room titled “Meeting Rules”. The content is just great and gave a clear “picture” of the awesome corporate culture of this client. I had to share, because I believe it is both professional and productive to set expectations for meeting rules.

Here is the content of the meeting rules.

•Active Listening: No Interruptions
•Participate: Speak Up
•Say What You Mean: The 1st Time
•Don’t Avoid Issues, No Grudge-Holding
•No meetings-after-the-meeting
•Go To Source
•No Negative Repercussions
•Be Willing To Explain Yourself; Not Defensive
•No Name Calling or Personal Attacks

I was also told that every employee has a laminated copy they have to bring to all meetings. What this tells me is that everyone “buys in” and works to have productive meetings. This in turn contributes to successful collaboration and operational efficiencies..

I believe it is a great idea to have meeting rules. Does your company have meeting rules?


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