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How to beat the winter blues…….
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By:  Cathey Pangborn

Studies show that the productivity levels of people are affected by the weather especially Winter! Reasons can range shorten days, lack of sun light , crazy schedules from school cancellations, challenging driving conditions, and even Winter Blues. Here are couples ways to beat those blues……

  •      Exercise – great way to relieve stress allowing your mind to feel better.
       Sunlight – lack of sunlight has been known to cause depression. Keep your shades up, try to site by windows when out and about and even try full spectrum bulbs in your house during the winter.

  •     Embrace the Season – instead of avoiding the cold, get out in it. Take up a winter sport like skiing; ice skating, hockey or even sledding. Again staying active will only make you feel better.

  •      Get Social Support – never under estimate the power of family and friends.

    •      Sleep – make sure to get plenty of sleep during the winter to keep your energy level up.

Before you know it all the snow will have melted and we will be dealing with the high temperatures of summer. At this point, I can’t wait.

Cathey is a consultant for the CS3 Implementation Team supporting Sage HRMS and Sage Abra.  She has a strong HR background and shares these kinds of tidbits with her clients routinely.  Thanks Cathey.

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