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How Does Unlimited Vacation Sound?
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by: Scott Kroh


The other day while “surfing” the Internet an article on LinkedIn caught my eye. The title of the article was “LinkedIn is giving its employees ‘unlimited’ vacation plus 17 paid holidays”. I thought how awesome is that, but at the same time how would that work? So… I stopped and took the time to read the article for some insight.

In essence, they are moving from fifteen days of vacation yearly to what they termed as a “discretionary time off” model (DTO). They are also moving from thirteen to seventeen days for holidays. The DTO will be worked out throughout the year between managers and their teams.

The article goes on to share that LinkedIn management says this model puts the onus on the employee to “act like an owner”.

This got me thinking. This model means that the competent and mature employees would benefit from this new vacation policy. For example, let’s say a departments or team completed its monthly assignments ten days prior to month end. Those that wanted vacation could take a couple days in “shifts”.

Not that this would work for all and any organizations. However, one must admit it could actually help some organizations become more efficient and effective. There is a strong possibility that more employees than not would be motivated to do good, great work ahead of schedule and on time in order to get management approval for time off?

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