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Healthy Employees - Everybody Wins!
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Corporate and Individual Wellness Over the past few years we have seen an increase in companies adding some type of wellness plan to their corporate policies. Companies want their employees to be healthy and we should desire to be healthy ourselves. Companies reward employees for exercising and meeting other health objectives, some are even the employee’s goals. These rewards can be money, gift cards, gym dues, additional vacation days and even lowering the employee’s contribution for medical insurance. Sounds great, right? It is great! The employee benefits by increasing their quality of life and a couple other material gains; the Company benefits by higher employee productivity, lower medical costs and fewer sick days. What’s my point? Take advantage of it. However, if your company doesn’t have a policy, you can still get healthy by getting a group together from work to run, bike, play tennis, aerobics, or whatever. Even though it was done to support research for a cure for diabetes, CS3’s involvement in The Tour de Cure was a companywide effort that brought many of us together just to prepare for the ride. It is a one day event, however, I can tell you CS3 employees had put in time and effort to prepare for the ride. So to look back now, you can say that our championing for a cause allowed us an opportunity to get healthier. Personally, I have been on a wellness journey over the past few months. I have changed the way that I eat and I exercise more, of course at the beginning it was just that I started to exercise. I can go ride my bicycle after work now for 30-40 miles and maybe feel a little tired at the end but I seem to bounce back in a little bit of time and find myself engaging in LIFE afterwards, not sleep. I ate a vegan diet for 4 months straight, which means no meat, dairy or fast and processed foods. That was unheard of in my world. I am not a vegan by any means since I do eat meat occasionally now but it worked. My blood testing/cholesterol and blood pressure were the biggest proof of that! A few people would argue with me about what I was doing and how wrong it was for me to do that to my body (for the record it was no one at CS3 or my many supportive clients). Well, I have lost over 70lbs and feel really good, better than I have for a very long time, I have never felt deprived. Things that I knew were health issues kind of fell to the wayside; there were even things I didn’t realize I had an issue with until that issue was resolved. I still have a little ways to go but my point is I am encouraging you to find something you enjoy and start there. I have learned a lot over the last few months but two things I will leave with you: Number one: Health is not a destination but a journey, we are looking to either obtain it or maintain it. Number two: I believe that whatever your health/exercise goals may be, that if you begin towards those goals you will feel much better way before you even reach those goals. If I can ever be of assistance, you know where to find me.

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