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Guest Blog: Brown & Fortunato Gives Sage HRMS a Great Performance Review
Published on by Nicole Shannon in Blog Posts


One of the key issues we wanted to solve through the implementation of a new human resources software package was a better way to automate our performance review process. In a word, it was “painful.”

It required an extensive amount of labor to gather and compile information into a single document for review with an employee. First, the document required input from multiple managers and second, there was no visibility into the stage or status of review completion by each manager. As a result, it could take as many as eight hours to prepare a single employee review. Conservatively this means about two hundred hours were lost annually to review preparation.

Now that we have implemented Sage HRMS, we have an automated process with workflow in place for reviews that has eliminated the paper “shuffle” between managers. It gives us the needed visibility into the stage and status of each review, so they can be completed in a timely manner.

It is fantastic! Thank you CS3 Technology!!

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