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Growing your Business-What is Your Intent?
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It appears that the economy in our region is picking up. My daily discussions with you, our customers, and our prospective clients are yielding fantastic news. Many of you are reporting first quarter results that far surpass the first quarter 2011. Further conversation as to why reveals that the businesses showing improvement were regularly investing in sales and marketing during the lean times. However, some reported that their marketing energies did not appear to pay off. Why is that? Consistent sales and marketing must also be “on target”. How do you hit the target, making sure that sales and marketing energies yield good results? This can be summed up in one word: Intent. It is really quite simple. Each of us enjoys buying, but hates being “sold”. We all like buying something that will make our life easier or fun. For instance: good business software can make work easier, so we will have more time for fun. But as consumers, we can quickly identify when someone is trying to “sell us” rather than “help us”. We all need to make sure that the intent with our customer is to help them make a good purchase decision that will solve their problem. Even if it means they will not purchase from us. With good customer focus to provide solutions, our intent is established and our marketing is targeted. The sale will follow. Each of us should ask ourselves this question: What is my intent when I go to work each day? Is it to make more money or is it to help my customer? If your intent is to help your customer, the money will be a natural result. Although the latest writings byl the “sales gods” talk about Sales Intent, the concept is actually a long time proven business philosophy. Remember the movie 1947 “Miracle on 34th Street”? Macy’s Santa sent customers to Bloomingdales for the perfect gift which resulted in greater customer loyalty and referrals for Macys. Take some time to review your marketing materials and your sales processes. Are they customer focused? Is your intent to help your customer make the correct purchase decision? If so, you’re on the right path. Sheri Blaho Vice President, Sales and Marketing – CS3 Technology Maybe not the Queen of Fun, but certainly the Monarch of Money This is the first in a series of articles that will focus on helping you grow your business.

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