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Going to the Bottom of the Lake
Published on by Jessica Morency in Blog Posts, CS3 Technology


Going to the bottom of the lake is a reference to the epic poem, Beowolf, where he had to face his fears and slay the monster Grendel that had been terrorizing the village and then go even deeper to the bottom of the lake to slay the bigger monster, Grendel’s mother.


For the 3 days I spent in Atlanta at Sage’s Sales Academy, led by Dave Knorr and Cheryl Masseth of LDK Consulting, this symbolic phrase was repeated to us every time we needed to think harder or dig deeper. It inspired us to take another look at the situation presented to us and “go to the bottom of the lake” to solve it. What we discovered is that we’ve become so accustomed to our busy day-to-day work that we tend to do what is needed and move on to the next task just to keep up. When what’s really important is that we slow down and take the time to truly hear what our clients are saying, to help them understand or resolve the issues, concerns or needs that are important to them and to help them see the value in doing so. What a wonderful lesson to learn.


The training experience that Dave and Cheryl brought to the 15 students, both Sage employees and Sage HRMS and ERP business partners alike, was absolutely top notch and I think we all came away with renewed vigor to make sure that we are doing all that we can for our current and future clients. So, thank you, Sage, for hosting this academy and thank you, Dave and Cheryl, for making it an engaging, fun and rewarding experience. And to all of you reading this, I challenge you to dig deeper and “go to the bottom of the lake” for your clients or family or friends!

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