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“Get Your Freak On!”
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A business associate and friend of mine just came to me and showed me her new tee shirt. The shirt is part of a family outing. It reads: “Ask me about my lake face”. When you do as directed, she pulls the bottom of the tee shirt up in front of her face and reveals a silly face printed on the inside of the shirt. What a hoot! Now, you might be asking, “So what? You got flashed and you’re blogging about it.” To that I say “Yeah baby”, but not for the reason you are thinking. The shirt is an expression of a passion my friends family has for an annual tradition that have been following for 16 years. You see, the whole family comes together at the lake to celebrate the anniversary of the declaration of our country’s independence. While this isn’t gathering of hundreds of people, it does involve their entire immediate and extended family. This means some 30+ revelers will gather at their house on a small private lake in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in rural Arkansas and stuff a 3 bedroom house to overflowing. There will be people on sleeping roll-aways, sleeping bags on the floor, in chairs on the porch, tents, and in hammocks swinging under pines under the stars. They will play, they eat, they will imbibe, and most importantly they will make time to revel in each other’s company. This is a family with great love for one another and a passion for life that infects everyone they meet. They work hard, they play hard, and they love with their whole hearts. And once a year, they get away from it all and party like its 1999! They don’t just talk about getting everyone together. They don’t refer to ‘Someday’. They let their passion free, mark a date on the calendar, and make great things happen. Passion is the force that makes miracles from ideas. Everyone has ideas. However, most ideas never go beyond that; an idea. Only those people with the passion to bring their ideas to fruition are truly successful in life. It’s that extra spark of energy that drives us and can set us take wing. Regardless of where your passion lies, set it free and ‘Get Your Freak On!’ It’s amazing what a difference you can make.

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