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Friends of Finance - October 2015
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by: Scott Kroh


This month’s Friends of Finance Executive Speaker Series featured Joseph Gorder Chairman the CEO & President Valero Energy Corporation. Valero employs about 10,000 people, has fifteen petroleum refineries with an output of 2.9 million barrels per day along with eleven ethanol plants with an output of 1.3 billion barrels per year.

During his address, Mr. Gorder discussed the price of crude oil, where he believes the price per barrel will be next year, trends in the industry and shared about operations at Valero and some of the changes made to the company over the past few years.

The Friends of Finance started in 1985 is an organization of business professionals, TU alumni and supporters of the Collins College of Business at Tulsa University. As a result of its efforts, more than $4 million dollars have been raised for speaking events and their Student Investment Fund (SIF) which to date has provided more than $845,000 in student scholarships.

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