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SaaS - We Got Your Backup!
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by: Scott Kroh


As mentioned in a previous post, the SaaS (Software as a Service) model gives your application and the data that resides in the application the availability to the equivalent of a “Fortune 500” data center.

What this means from a data back up and disaster recovery perspective is “peace of mind”. To evaluate this, let’s look at a couple different scenarios. In the first, your accounting software resides on a local server in your office. You drive in one morning and discover that your office building had a fire which destroyed the server room along with all of you accounting data. You are upset, but remember that you have been doing backups and storing them offside.

However, where are you going to put the data? You have to order new servers (costly), find a place to set them up (remember your office is gone), wait for them to be shipped and delivered (down time) , setup the servers and install data (more down time) and when you load the data you realize that backups were not always successful and half your data is gone (Uggghhhhh!!).

The other scenario is where you’ve selected a SaaS accounting software solution. When you drive in and notice that the building is gone, you call your accounting employees and have them connect to the application via the Internet in their home offices. Though not fun, at least you can bill customers (cash flow), pay bills (happy vendors) and run payroll (happy employees).

Which scenario do you prefer?

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