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February Employee of the Month - Linda Hollingsworth
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 By Gary Crouch, President

For exhibiting behavior #14 – Look for Improvements

I am very excited to have Linda Hollingsworth on our team as the new Project Manager. Linda’s responsibilities include keeping all of our new system implementations on track. It is very important to us and to our customers that objectives for improvements in features, reaching milestones and meeting deadlines are accomplished. This allows CS3 to remain profitable and for the customer to begin receiving the expected returns on their investment in their new systems and processes.

When Linda began with CS3 I explicitly told her she was only responsible for learning the current processes during her initial 90 days. However, she just could not help herself. Every other day she came to me with an idea on how to improve a form, consolidate reports or completely trash everything I had built to improve the processes! I was thrilled, because each idea was based on the discussions we had regarding where I would like our project management to take us.

Linda is always Looking for Improvements!

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