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February AMA Luncheon
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by: Sheri Blaho

The February meeting of the Tulsa Chapter of AMA once again delivered a stellar speaker. Kevin Jessop, CEO of Evolve Research, shared how to do usability testing for your website without having a large expenditure. You can do this yourself.

First, as with any project, establishing your objective is critical. For example, the goal could be to improve the menu functions or improve the shopping cart process. Next, you need to recruit participants to do your testing. This could be family, friends, coworkers, or possibly a loyal customer. To determine how a menu should flow he suggested this simple exercise you could ask your testers to do. Give each of them a set of index cards that has all your menu selections (current or proposed) along with a couple of blank cards. Then have them organize the list for you. They can use the blank cards to write in their own suggestions for topics they think might be missing. The third step would be to give them one specific task to do on your website (like place an order for a product or find specific information regarding services). Then just set back and watch. It is okay to ask questions but don’t coach them on where they should go. You may be astounded at your website's usability.

He cautioned to “use a filter” on your tester’s feedback. Not every suggestion or frustration results in a better experience.

Kevins’s firm offers these services for you if you prefer to let the professionals do this for you. Find out more about Evolve at their website. And please plan on joining us at the next AMA meeting the 3rd Thursday every month. Give me a call and I will buy your lunch.

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