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February's "Make the Customer Feel Good" 18 Essential Behavior Winner
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Congratulations to Sharon Beaudry and Colby Sawyer College
(applause, applause, applause, applause) Here is what was submitted with Sharon’s nomination: Sharon Beaudry is the HR Director for Colby Sawyer College in New London, NH . Recently, Sharon led her staff through an implementation of Sage HRMS along with CS3's assistance. While no implementation is easy, Sharon helped make the transition go very smoothly. Rather than focus on deadlines alone, Sharon often checked with her staff as to their comfort level with new processes. If there was a concern from a staff member, Sharon assisted with making sure they had time available to learn the new processes, practice and become very comfortable with the tasks. Only when Sharon saw complete confidence in the new system and in themselves would Sharon move forward. The new year opened for Colby-Sawyer with a new payroll system with most employees never knowing a new system had been implemented. Congratulations to Sharon Beaudry for "Making her Customers (Staff) Feel Good". Just a reminder…get those nominations in for the 5th behavior – “Stay Clear of Politics”

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