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Fall ITA 2014 - Firm of the Future
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By:  Gary Crouch

We believe that looking outside of your own organization is very important when it comes to improving your own business.  Shawn and I have been involved with the IT Alliance (ITA) for over 10 years.  The ITA is a group of business systems resellers dedicated to sharing best practices.  A theme which several industry leaders have been espousing is the path to the “Firm of the Future”.  At the most recent ITA meeting, we received the opportunity to share our knowledge to the group that has given us so much.

I was privileged to share some of the changes we have made to improve our “Firm of the Future”.  My topic surrounded our shared vision to provide those who are dependent upon CS3 Technology the highest value possible.  I see this responsibility in two main areas.

First, we have a responsibility to our employees to provide them with everything they need to be successful.  Gone are the days when a career lasts 40 years with one company.  Today’s employees are more like free agents moving from employer to employer seeking the best scenario for their career advancement and for their family’s security.  My job is to provide them with assurances of a growing business, opportunities for advancement and career growth and financial rewards.
If CS3 is their best opportunity, their loyalty will allow us to provide the best business services possible.  With a reputation as a leader, we will garner the opportunity to select the best business process experts available in the marketplace.

Second, we have a responsibility to our customers to provide the best business services possible.  We all understand competition, but, we cannot just meet the competition.

We have to be the competition other groups are looking to best by leading innovation.  In addition to our knowledge and expertise we have to differentiate ourselves.

Performing an in-depth needs analysis and producing a corresponding scope of work allows us to define the project and price accordingly.  Everyone is in agreement regarding process design and greatly reducing the chances of errors or misunderstandings. Our business processes allow us to offer options designed for customer satisfaction through our Confidence Contract and Protection Pricing.

The Confidence Contract is our money back guarantee for implementation projects.  Whether we realize it or not, we all guarantee our solutions.
If we don’t satisfy the customer, we either refund the purchase or we lose the customer.  In extreme cases the legal system forces the choice on us.
Our preference is to acknowledge our responsibilities which helps us grow into the future by assuring our customers of our integrity.

The Protection Pricing again comes from our desire to meet the customer’s expectations.  Many resellers take the easy path and estimate their services only to exceed the estimates time and again.  Our scope of work allows us to price based on a well-defined project plan and deliver as promised.

Much like the general manager of a sports team, we have multiple parties we have to please.  A winning record and championships attract both star players and loyal fans.  Our Firm of the Future is laying the foundation for winning many years to come.

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