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Everything Starts with Sales
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By:  Scott Kroh

Have you ever heard that everything starts with sales? I know that notion makes some operation managers, marketing directors and accounting departments in any number of companies “cringe”. However, from a “for profit” business model and “non-profit” (fund raising) perspective it’s true. 

Think about it next time you go into a Quik Trip convenience store to get your caffeine kick for the start of the day. A sales transaction must occur before you can legally walk out and fully consume your beverage of choice (I know that some of you part take before you’ve paid). Sales is where the client or consumer says yes to your company’s products and/or services. Which means revenue and profits are made and everyone gets to continue making a living.

In fact, I’d say that everyone in your company regardless of role or department is in sales. Yes, there is a sales department and they spend their time and energies driving net new revenue. Simply put, I believe everyone in your company has the ability to bring in sales whether they know it or not.

So join me over the next ten months as I will be covering several topics on the profession of sales and how both those in traditional sales roles, those in non-sales roles and companies struggling with sales can become better at selling. Everything from initial benefit statements to defining your “noble sales purpose” to the value of networking and implementing a (CRM) Customer Relationship Management system to capture your efforts.

Take care, stay warm and talk to you soon.

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Scott “Red” Kroh

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