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ERP Software Changes - Cloud?
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By:  Sheri Blaho

The face of ERP Accounting, Distribution and Manufacturing software is changing.  The information and hype on cloud and SaaS accounting software is overwhelming.   Moving to any new ERP solution is a big investment in money but a bigger investment in time.  Your staff will have huge demands on them during the migration to validate data transfer, training and testing.  New business processes will have to be identified and documented as a result of additional functionality.

So, you ask yourself, what is in it for me?  Why would I want to make this kind of investment of my firm's resources?

Simple!  Competitive advantage.  How can cloud software do that?  Here are a couple of very important ways:

1.  Businesses today must be agile.  Having your business tools on a platform that embraces the latest technology will mean tools that are flexible and customizable to your specific business model.  This means the software can be tailored to embrace what makes your firm unique in the market place.  It also means the software can be tailored as the market shifts

2.  Businesses today must be virtual.   This is a two pronged requirement.  One for employees and one for clients.  Even if your company is a brick and mortar operation, you must be able to allow anywhere, anytime access to your staff for maximum productivity.  Staff members expect easy access to their work regardless if they are in the office or not.  To attract and retain quality employees, technology tools must be current. Customers expect exactly the same.  Web presence with portals to sales and invoice information is simply expected.

CS3 is addressing the request of cloud software from our clients with Acumatica.  Our portfolio still includes the traditional on-premises software.  But customers that are shopping for software today are consistently evaluating the many benefits of a cloud solution. 

You can check out Acumatica Sneak Preview Video here. 

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