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Employee Self Service- Do you have access to the internet?
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By:  Sheri Blaho    


I frequently have the discussion with clients about accessibility of employees to online information.  Many employers are under the impression that their staff does not have ready access to a computer or to the internet.  So they will elect to not invest in an Employee Self Service portal that would allow employees to access their own employment data (like W-2 and check stub reprints, vacation balances, pay history, etc.).


This discussion about the value of ESS to employees is usually when the company has a large number of staff members that work in a warehouse, production center, or remote service, not having routine or easy access to a  computer.  They then go on to say that those same employees do not have computers at home.  So I decided to do a bit of research to see what the statistics have to say.


I was pleased to see that the last  U.S. censusreported that 71% of the U.S. have internet in their homes.  And researchers are reporting that 2014 projection is upwards of 80-85%.  Additionally other research indicates that numbers of individual access to the internet approaches the 90% range with the inclusion of mobile devices.


Given that most software is now mobile ready, employers should feel confident that is the time to make that investment in Employee Self Service.  These types of software tools saves the firm time in answering routine questions that the employee can readily access immediately.


If you want to see how Sage HRMS Employee Self Service works, check out this piece of information.

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