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Employee of the Month – July 2014
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By: Gary Crouch


Each month a CS3 team member is recognized for behavior that exemplifies one of our 18 Service Pillars.  Our  Number Eight Pillar, Take Administrative Tasks Seriously, has the spotlight this month.   


One of the seldom recognized responsibilities of every employee is the completion of administration duties.  Seemingly, no one wants to complete their administration because they want to do “real” work.  However, no organization can survive without the communications created by paperwork.  Without expenses reports, payroll, check writing, time entries, an organization cannot pay their employees, pay their vendors or invoice their customers.  July’s Employee of the Month makes her whole job the administration of CS3.  Since coming onboard with CS3, Terry Johnson has brought a new level of organization to the administration offices.  Not only does Terry complete her duties, but she takes on the responsibility of helping everyone else in the organization to complete theirs.  Simple solutions such as scheduled reminders to submit personal time off reports and expense reports relieves everyone else of the need to keep track of those deadlines.



Thank you Terry for keeping CS3 organized by taking administration tasks seriously.

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